5 Puzzle Games for Adults that are great fun!

We have searched for you 5 of the most interesting and engaging puzzle games for adults. Let’s find them out!

The Case of the Secret Society | Puzzle Games for Adults

box of The society of shadows one of the best puzzle games for adults

Publisher’s Description

The Society of Shadows is a clandestine brotherhood seeking to exploit their ancestor’s connections and establish themselves as London’s criminal overlords.

To infiltrate the society and gain evidence to put them behind bars, Holmes must retrieve a special membership token hidden inside an intricate sliding map block puzzle.

Can you move the token into the correct position to release it?

The goal of this game is to find a way to free the badge from the puzzle with the sliding maps.

The Society of Shadows belongs to the The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection which includes awesome puzzles that are designed not just to exercise your powers of deduction, but also as stylish gifts to display in your home.

close caption of box of The society of shadows one of the best puzzle games for adults

Escape from the Tower of London | Puzzle Games for Adults

the box and components of The tower of London, one of the most interesting puzzle games for adults

Publisher’s Description

Moriarty plans to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London and Sherlock Holmes needs your help to stop him!

Using the wooden blocks and the forty different floor plan challenge cards, your task is to use your problem-solving skills to build a continuous safe path to the exit, avoiding fire, henchmen, and guard dogs and collecting all the crown jewels along the way!

To sum up, the object of the game is to create with the wooden pieces, a safe and continuous path from the detective hat to the exit door. You have to cover with wooden pieces all the squares with fire, ghosts and crows. But you should not cover any of the jewelry.

Peace by Peace: Succulents Puzzle | A beatiful tabletop puzzle game

Unwind your mind as you solve the puzzles peace by peace.

Work out the missing pieces to create beautiful succulent scenes in this gorgeous coffee table game.

Starting with an introductory puzzle the difficulty level grows as you make your way through 50 challenges.

It should be noted that Succelent Puzzle stands out for its woderful artwork.

Atom Puzzle | The Einstein Puzzle Collection

Publisher’s Description

Just one piece from the Einstein puzzle range. How will you fare against this brainteaser?

For centuries, scientists and philosophers understood what atoms were and how they worked by no one could prove their existence. Einstein was the first to provide the convincing evidence they needed.

Can you split the atom puzzle, then take apart the nucleus puzzle within before rebuilding the nucleus sphere and reconstructing the atom around it?

The Atom Puzzle belongs to the The Einstein Collection.

Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

box of aristotle's number one of the best puzzle games for adults

Publisher’s Description

Can you make every row add up to 38? There are 15 rows in all directions to complete, each made up of 3, 4 or 5 pieces. This brilliant concept allows you to complete the puzzle by using every number from 1 – 19.

Founder of Western science and philosophy, Aristotle had a great influence on the course of the Renaissance in the 16th century. Whilst only a third of his original writings have survived, Aristotle covered a diverse range of topics, from biology and music to physics and poetry.

Great Minds is a series of puzzles by Professor Puzzle, based on the theories and achievements of great scientists.

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