4 Mind-Blowing Board Games about Climate Change

Board games about Climate Change is one of the most interactive and interesting ways of learning about climate change. Now more than ever, we must get informed about climate change in order to find and implement the right solutions and preserve our planet for future generations.

Net Zero Game 2050™ | Board Games about Climate Change

box of the net zero game, a board game about climate change

The Net Zero Game 2050™ is an event-driven business strategy, sustainability and negotiation board game based on stakeholder capitalism.

The objective for each business leader (player) is to create a portfolio of net zero greenhouse gas emission companies considering value chains, synergies, selling and buying companies, reacting to carbon event news and deploying green executives.

Moreover, you could find a lot of valuable information on the official page of the game.

  • Players: 3-4
  • Play-time: 20-90 minutes
  • Age: 14+

Keep Cool | Board Games about Climate Change

box of keep cool, one of the board games about climate change

In a game of KEEP COOL, three to six players represent groups of countries such as Europe, OPEC, or the developing countries.

For one to two hours adipex they can choose between “black” and “green” growth, but also adapt to inevitable climate impacts like droughts or floods. The strength of these increases when the world temperature rises.

Additionally, lobby groups like the oil industry or environmental groups have to be taken into account. The winner is the player who most efficiently reconciles climate protection with lobby interests.

If some players are too ruthless, everybody lose.

Find more here.

  • Players: 3-6
  • Playing Time: 1-2 hours

Daybreak | Board Games about Climate Change

cover of the Daybreak, a board game about climate change

Daybreak is cooperative board game about climate action that is co-created by the designer of the world-hit game “Pandemic” and is going to get released soon from CMYK.

In Daybreak, each player controls a world power, deploying policies and technologies to break the cycle of global heating and build safe, resilient societies.

If the global temperature gets prednisone too high, or if too many people are put in danger, everyone loses.

But if you work together to draw down global emissions to net zero, you win!

You should visit the official page and leave your e-mail adresss to get notified when the game is out there!

Tiny Footprint | Learn something along the way

box of tiny printfoot, a board game about climate change

Tiny Footprint is a cooperative board game for 1-6 players where you work together as a family or a household to reduce your carbon emissions to reach the climate target of two tonnes per person.

Despite the serious topic it is a really light hearted and fun game. And if you learn something along the way that is just a bonus.


Where you live has an effect on your carbon emissions and will influence which choices you need to prioritize on your journey to becoming climate champions.

That is why you start the game with choosing where you live. It impacts the game and gives you a new challenge when you select a different area of residence when you play the game again.


cards of timy printfoot, a board game abou climate change

There are nine different lifestyles to play that come in three different difficulty levels.

For instance, it is easier to reach the climate target if you play as the Recyclers rather than the Sunseekers. But everyone can reach the target and win the game!


There are 16 unique characters to play across four categories (Mothers, Fathers, Daughters and Sons).

They all have different traits and abilities which will offer a different experience every time you play the game.

All possible family or household variations are possible (up to max 6 players). And you can also play solo.


Tiny Footprint is a card driven strategy game where you need to cooperate to win the game. The driving mechanism are the resource cards which there are 130 of divided in to four categories: Finances, Discipline and Commitment.

These three categories represent abilities and behaviors that can help us live sustainably.


If the resource cards represent your actions and choices the Encouragement and Resistance cards represent some of the external and internal mechanisms that influence our ability to live sustainably.

There are political and economic incentives that can facilitate a more sustainable lifestyle, like duties and subsidies.

But there are also resistance factors against changing our way of life, i.e. advertising, habits and social norms.

  • Players: 1–6
  • Playing time: 60–120 Min
  • Age: 10+

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