Travel Board Games: 5 Fun and Relaxing Choices

Are you looking for a game that is easy to learn, light and entertaining? One that you could take with you on trips and vacations? One that is equally relaxing and challenging? Say no more, we have put together the following list of five travel board games to choose from.

The Fox in the Forest

travel board games choices: the fox in the forest box

Once upon a time, a woodcutter and his daughter lived in a small village bordering the forest. She had traveled with him and had seen him speak with the forest xanax animals.

The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game for 2 players. Utilize the special abilities on the Fairy Tale characters to change the trump suit, lead even after you lose a trick, and more. The beautiful illustrations of the unique characters will help you quickly analyze your options.

Score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don’t get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you will fall like prednisone the villain in so many fairy tales.

  • Number of Players: 2
  • For Ages: 10+
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes

Travel Board Games: Lotus

travel board games choices: lotus box

Lotus is a beautiful game that grows into a unique work of art every time you play.

Clear your head and take in the quiet strength of the Lotus garden. It takes skillful care and nurturing to grow these flowers to their full potential, but once picked, they provide their owner with wisdom.

Beware, for there are others who will do anything they can to get their hands on these mystical flowers. You’ll need to enlist the help of creatures native to this land to take control of the Lotus garden and achieve true enlightenment.

  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • For Ages: 8+
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes


travel board games choices: arboretum box

Nowhere is nature’s beauty quite so evident as in the resplendent colors of an arboretum. In Arboretum, you create carefully planned paths for your visitors to walk as they take in the colorful explosion of buds and leaves. The cheerful cherry blossom, the fragrant dogwood, the mighty oak– all have a place in this peaceful haven.

But the tranquil setting belies the game’s competitive heart.

You must choose which cards to plant in your arboretum and which to keep in hand, as only the most expert curator will win the renown of nature enthusiasts everywhere.

There is, also, a deluxe edition of the Arboretum, which enables to enjoy the elegance of the game with an engraved and heat-treated wooden box, premium rainbow foil cards, an embroidered fabric bag, and a beautiful full color sleeve for the box.

  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • For Ages: 8+
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes

Travel Board Games: Herbaceous

In Herbaceous herb collectors compete to grow and store the most valuable medley of herbs. Everyone starts with four containers, each of which allows a different grouping action: group herbs of same type, group different types, group pairs, group any three types.

On your turn, you draw an herb, then decide to either keep it in your personal collection or put in into the communal pile. If kept, the next card goes to the communal pile; if placed in the communal pile, the next card goes in your personal collection.

At the start of your turn, you can decide to use a container. If so, you assemble cards from personal and communal spaces, group them, then turn them all over. You have then “collected” those and can’t use the container again.

At the end of the game, collectors determine the best collection as a combination of value from their collection, matching herbs, and herb sets.

You can, also, add extra spice to Herbaceous’s play with Flavor Pack Mini Expansion.

  • Number of Players: 1-4
  • Playing Time: 15-20 minutes
  • For Ages: 8+

Travel Board Games: Kahuna

travel board games choices: kahuna box

Who will rule the South Seas? Two Kahuna — ancient sorcerers of the Pacific — compete for dominance on an archipelago consisting of twelve small islands. Using their magic and wisdom, they struggle for control of the islands. They anxiously await the cards handed to them by fate. But when the time is right, they move to capture one, two, or even more islands, trying to gain the upper hand. At the mercy of the magical powers of the South Seas, they quickly realize that even the best magic is no good without strategy.

  • Number of Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes
  • For Ages: 10+

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