5 Trivia Board Games (other than Trivial Pursuit!)

Let’s find out 5 trivia board games which are ideal for a game night with your most intelligent and well informed friends!

Wit’s End

wit's end board game box 5 trivia board games

Wit’s end is a classic trivia board game. This trivia game will not just test your alprazolam knowledge, but engage how you think through solving a problem.

It includes 1200 questions on 300 game cards, a large game board, playing pieces, a die, and the instruction sheet. The questions are packed with riddles and brain teasers on history, popular culture, geography, science, arts and more.

 In addition you will answer questions in four mind challenging categories as you work your way to the center of the board. You’ll have to think laterally and wrap your mind around a “teaser”, deduce the “odd-1-out”, figure out the “sequence”, or try your luck in the “wild card” category.

  • Age: 16+
  • Players or Teams: 2-4

5 Trivia Board Games | Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact is the perfect game for those who know a lot or think they do!

Every card has seven questions for you to answer around a main theme. The more questions you answer, the more spaces you move along the board. If you prednisone stumble too much, you might even have to move backwards. The Answer Tracker shows how well you are doing.

All subjects are covered in a variety of fun formats: from “claim to fame” to “title twist”, “all mixed up” and more.  Matter of Fact covers a very wide range of topics – history, geography, science, arts, current affairs, food and drink, objects and things, general interest, pop culture, etc.

Just go down the Question List and see how many you can answer!

  • Age: 16+
  • Players or Teams: 2-4

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Game tests your knowledge of the hundreds of conspiracies being promoted on the Internet every day.

There are five categories of conspiracies: mythos (mythical places and creatures), aliens (ancient and modern), technologies schemes (governments and secret organizations) random (everything else).

To win, you must correctly answer trivia questions to collect a matching set of cards. But beware of government cover-ups that could take some or all of your collection.

  • Age: 14+
  • Players: 2-6

5 Trivia Board Games | …I Should Have Known That!

I should have know that board game box 5 trivia board games

I should have known that! is an entertaining trivia game with over 400 questions about things that you should know.

In contrast to traditional trivia formats, you don’t receive points for answering questions correctly. Instead, points are subtracted for every incorrect answer. One thing is for sure: it will only be a matter of time before you hear yourself say…I should have known that!

  • Age: 14+
  • Players: 2+

Chronology – The Game Where You Make History – 20th Anniversary Edition

The object of the game is to be the first player to build a timeline of 10 event cards. You build a timeline by placing events in the correct chronological order.

How to play Chronology? You draw an event card from the card box to begin and then you read the event loud without revealing the year. The player to the left must announce and point to where he or she thinks the event occurs in his or her timeline. It will occur before or after the event card in his or her timeline.

As a player accumulates more cards, the event will occur before, after, or between the event cards face up in his or her timeline.

Are you prepared to find out which came first – the invention of mayonnaise or decaffeinated coffee?

  • Age: 14+
  • Players: 2+
chronology board game box 5 trivia board games

Maybe, you want, also, to test your knowledge in geography!

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