5 Trivia Board Games (other than Trivial Pursuit!)

Let’s find out 5 trivia board games which are ideal for a game night with your most intelligent and well informed friends! Wit’s End Wit’s end is a classic trivia board game. This trivia game will not just test your knowledge, but engage how you think through solving a problem. It includes 1200 questions on … Read more

Geography Board Games | The 5 Best

If you are a geography enthusiast or you want to improve your kid’s geography knowledge by fun and engaging ways, take a look at the following geography board games. Explore the World Explore the World is a fun and educational game for the whole family which allows you to explore the world from the comfort … Read more

Nostalgic Board Games from 80’s-90’s

Down to the memory lane! We present to you 4 super nostalgic board games from 80’s-90’s. They are truly a unique and special part of our childhood and we can’t forget the fun times we had playing these games. Mouse Trap In Mouse Trap you took turns building the Mouse Trap as you moved around … Read more

The Best Drawing Board Games for Adults

Do you like Pictionary but you also want to spice things up for an adult game night ? Well, you might be interested in our following recommendations for drawing board games for adults. Telestrations After Dark Telestrations After Dark is a funny adult party game which is ideal for late-night game nights. The games consists … Read more

4 Personal Development Board Games

We present to you 4 personal development board games which will surprise you and make your game night truly special. All 4 games are thought provoking, engaging and fun to play. Don’t miss the chance to bond with your friends, family and co-workers, as well as learn new things about yourself and others! Better Me … Read more

The 5 most popular board games for 5 year olds

We present to you the 5 most popular board games for 5 year olds. The following board games combine loads of fun and educational benefits and they’re great for your next family night! Candy Land Candy Land is one of the most famous and classic board games for kids. For generations, boys and girls have … Read more

3 Balance and Dexterity Board Games

dexterity board games

Are you interested in balance and dexterity board games? We present to you 3 great board games that they challenge your dexterity and strategy skills while you are having fun! Tokyo Highway Tokyo Highway is an intricate 3-dimensional construction game which is designed based on the history of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. In more detail, Tokyo … Read more