Board games for 3 year olds : 4 fun choices

If you are planning your next game night with your little kids, we picked for you 4 fun and educational board games for 3 year olds, which we hope to find enjoyable.

Heads Talk Tails Walk : one of the most hilarious board games for 3 year olds

Heads Talk Tails Walk is a great gift for toddlers and parents.

How to play Heads Talk Tails Walk

All you have to do is to shuffle the large body tiles and place them face-up in a stack. Then, mix up the small head tiles and place them face-down in a circle around the stack of body tiles.

The youngest player begins the game by flipping over one of the small tiles looking for the head that matches the topmost body tile. If it’s a match, the player keeps the pair of tiles, and the next player begins their turn. If it’s not a match, all players move around in a circle as a group, walking like tretinoin the animal shown on the body tile would move while talking like the animal shown on the head tile would talk.

After all the players have arrived back where they started, the mismatched head tile is turned back over face-down, and the mismatched body tile is placed at the bottom of the stack. Play continues in this manner until all the Head and Body Tiles have been correctly paired. The player with the most tiles wins!

Heads Talk Tails Walk is one the funniest board games for 3 years old and definitely will bring tremendous excitement to little kids! The fun part begins when the body tile don’t match the head tile and all players have to walk and talk like the mismatched tiles. The result is hilarious! Furthermore, the game sharpens the kids visual perception and reasoning skills.

  • Publisher : ThinkFun
  • Age: 3 and Up
  • Players: 2 to 5 Players


Duck-A-Roo! is a fast memory game of matching tokens with colorful ducks.

The object of the game is to make the most matches; players make a match every time they flip over a token that matches the last duck in line. They take turns flipping over tokens; when they flip over a token they must show it to all players. 

When the token matches the color of the last duck in line, the player who flipped over the token have to call out Duck-A-Roo! and move the last duck in line to the front of the line. He/she keeps the token, places it face up in front of him/herself and takes another turn.

Players continue to take turns as long as they make matches. When they’re done, play passes to the left. When players flip over a token that doesn’t match, they flip it back over and their turn ends. Play passes to the left.

The game ends when a player collects the last token and the mother duck swims back to the front of the line. The player with the most tokens wins—players can count or stack up their tokens and compare the height of their stacks.

Duck-A-Roo! is a game for family nights and the … bathtub! The ducks float and are perfect for fun during the bath time of your little ones. The game also boost the kids’ memory and color-matching ability.

  • Invented by: Heinz Meister
  • Publisher: Amigo Games
  • Age: 3 and Up
  • Players: 2 to 4 Players

Happy Bunny: one of the loveliest board games for 3 year olds

Happy Bunny is a cooperative play-in-the-box preschool game in which everyone takes on the role of a bunny that is picking delicious carrots for its family. The bunny is trying to find the good carrots for a nice feast. All the bitten carrots that are picked go to the bunny. They are lined up alongside the box, while the unbitten carrots are planted back in the garden. Carrots come in 3 sizes so the players have to try to get as many long bitten carrots as possible!

If the players form 2 lines of carrots as long as the length of the box before  the rabbit gets out of the garden, they win the game.

The board game also includes a competitive variation where everyone picks carrots for themselves; the longest line of carrots wins.

Happy Bunny is a great game to teach kids counting and teamwork. The little gamers will enjoy the game without doubt!

  • Designer: Peggy Brown
  • Publisher: Blue Orange Games
  • Age: 3 and Up
  • Players: 1 to 4 Players

Super Genius Alphabet

This matching game encourages children to learn the letters of the alphabet while matching them with familiar objects that start with those letters and sounding out each letter to improve their linguistic skills. There is always one — and only one — match between any two cards.

You can pick a cooperative rule or race to find the match. There are endless ways to learn, while you are having fun.

Super Genius Alphabet helps the children to develop visual perception, focus and attention, speech and language, and processing speed. If you are searching board games for 3 years old that are both fun and educational , Super Genius Alphabet is the right for you.

  • Publisher: Blue Orange Games
  • Age: 3 and Up
  • Players: 1 to 4 Players

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